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Welcome to the Digital Creative Studio from God's Own Country.

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About RoundMelon Studio

What we really do...We Make "The Complex into Simple" Through Digital Strategy And Design.
Responsive Design - The Clever Way!
We Develop Apps Which Can Change The Way People Use Technology.
We Work For You By Working With You.

Web and Mobile Apps

For the Web Apps you don't yet know! The Future's Bright! The Future's Mobile Apps!

Branding and Marketing

Discover the World of Best Branding and Marketing.Get the Branding and Marketing out there and Feel the Magic!

Web Designing and UI/UX

Web Design as good as it gets! Best Web Design - Building A Better Tomorrow!

Why We Standout from Others ?

Good Question.We have Some solid Reasons to Convince You. Scroll Down to Know More :)

Uncompromised Performance !

Discover the World of Best Branding and Marketing.Get the Branding and Marketing out there and Feel the Magic!

Designs With a Human Touch !

Get Serious.Get Designs with Human Touch! Just Great Craftsmanship.

Value for Money Guaranteed !

We don't just make Value For Money.We make Value For Money Better! You'll Love It!

What We Do to Attain Those Qualities ?

Well we stick to the basics and most important factors....


1. Idea Generation

Successfull Ideas Built to Perfection.
The Science Of Brainstorming....We Do It Right!

2. Planning

Planning just what You need. Things go Better with Proper Planning..Out of the Box!!

3. Thorough Analysis

If You do not know how to Ask the Right Question,You Discover Nothing!
Opportunities Multiply as they are Seized!

4. Development and Testing

More Than Just Developement.The Art of Craftsmanship.
We like to solve problems...if there are no problems handily available,We Create Our Own Problems and Find Answers!
Codes are tested in Real life Environment where humans come into play,not Bots!!

5. Delivery

We don't wait to be compelled to do Great Work.
World Class Project Delivery,On Time - Get Ready!

6. Customer Care

Our Customer Service is a Never Ending Story.
Because Each customer has a new story to tell.
We bring it to Life!

Meet the Team !

We are a small team with high skilled Craftsmenship.Yeah..We are Small but Efficient !!

Joseph Varghese

Developer & P.R.O.

Franklin Antony

Developer & Designer

Antony Vincent

Graphic Designer

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Be a Part of Next Big Thing

Happy Clients !!

Happy clients - Be Ready!
Satisfied Customers gets us Excited!

Why Waste Your Time.. Hire Us .... We'll make Your brand into a Super Brand Status .